Reward The Progress

This program is designed to help you practice and implement the skills and strategies in the areas of your life that need support to get you back on track to having a thriving and balanced life.

  • Seven sessions of one-to-one coaching – 50-minute sessions via Zoom.

    • First kick-off session – 1.5 hour session

    • Meeting every two weeks thereafter.

    • Final session – one month after.

  • Using the tools and techniques taught in the course, this 8-week program will help you connect to your values and guide you through an accountability process of change.

  • By identifying what is most important in your life, Fleur Elizabeth will help you build a plan and take action to take charge of your relationship with food and drink.

  • A key focus is helping you find your flow, work towards your future self and acknowledge and reward progress.

*Ideal for a follow-up from the Change Talk Coaching course.