Six Month Hold Your Hand

This program helps you connect to your values, deepen your awareness of your emotional model, and help you navigate your change process. A key focus is building your skills, honing your self-awareness and accountability, and keeping you on track to take care of the needs of your future self.

  • 14 sessions of One to One Coaching

    • First Kick-Off – 1.5-hour session

    • Meeting every two weeks thereafter. (50-minute sessions via Zoom)

    • At 3 months, a midpoint check-in – 1.5-hour session

    • 6-month final session – 1.5-hour session wrap-up

  • The first step is to help you craft your values and what you want for your future self.

  • Then, execute the plan, setting you up for successful and sustainable changes in each domain of your life.

  • A key focus is helping you find your flow, helping you find your accountability in making choices, and acknowledging your successes and mistakes along the way.

  • There will be a keen eye on motivating you to normalise the imperfections along the way and reward your progress.

*Ideal for a follow-up from the Change Talk Coaching course.